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IVF Treatment India
Fertyility Treatment India
Srushti fertility centre, established in the year 1993, made the dreams of more than thousand women come true till date. It is not just a fertility centre but a zealous vision.
"A vision to support and fulfill every woman's dream to mother a baby"
Highly experienced Doctors and dedicated Staff guided by IVF Pioneer, Dr. S. Samundi Sankari, are driven by a passion to provide "a mother's touch" to all patients.
Being one of the leading multi specialty hospitals certified with ISO 9001:2008 standards, Srushti is the most favored fertility clinics in Chennai, India. 
Our high success rates have been the result of the best teamwork that comes from each one of us working independently towards one goal in unison. Successful fertility treatment is all about teamwork.
"An experienced, highly skilled and committed team"
From the first consultation, right through to the treatment process and afterwards, our experienced, highly skilled and committed team is here to provide the best possible treatment and care for you.
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“We are overwhelmed by your care and affection. Though we are a middle class working couple with enough stress and trying to meet our needs”
- Hansraj & Shruthi
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The most important test for assessing male fertility is the semen analysis.
The most important test for assessing male fertility is the semen analysis. Interpreting the semen analysis reports can be tricky, and you need to remember that values can fluctuate considerably.
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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
75% of all women trying to conceive are subjected to recurrent Pregnancy Loss. Most of which are unrecognized & occur before or with the next expected menses and of those that are recognized, 15-20% result
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"Want to become Egg Donor, Want to Help couple by being Surrogate Mother- Pls contact 7402 620 620"
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