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India’s most preferred Fertility Clinic

The joy of life that springs when those tiny fingers reach out to you…. The joy of being a mother, a father ….

Top fertility centres in India
Fertility Treatment

Highly customized treatment protocol to meet every patients need, precisely. Offering 65% of success rate in ART and the most trusted banner with ethical values for fertility treatment in India

Top fertility centres in India
Surrogacy Programme

Srushti fertility centre assures you ,Hand- picked surrogates and takes prime care of them during gestational surrogacy ,with empathy and respect.

Top fertility centres in India
Egg donation

We offer wide options of well screened donors, who are highly fertile and have an excellent family history to match the recipient’s expectations

fertility clinics in India
Reproductive surgery

Our chief Dr. Samundi Sankari has been awarded the distinguishing physician’s award from Orlando, Florida. She is known for her expertise in microsurgery through which many women have conceived naturally post the surgical procedures

fertility clinics in India
Green IVF

We are one of the very few centre’s in India to offer green IVF, which has almost similar success rate as the normal IVF, but offered at half of its price.

fertility clinics in India
Preconception Counselling

We counsel women to strike a work life balance and educate them on the required lifestyle modifications to have a healthy baby at the right time of their life.

Meet the experts who make Srushti as one of

India’s Top Fertility Centre

Uncompromised personal care, a trait of Srushti helps build an unbreakable bond of trust between us and the patients.

Surrogacy in India
Dr. Samundi Sankari
Chief Fertility Consultant

With nearly 35 years of professional experience, Dr. Samundi Sankarihas secured a reputation as one of the most respected medical experts in the fertility field.She has been awarded numerous honorary posts, published countless scientific studies, and offered her knowledge at conferences and symposiums around the world.

Surrogacy in India
Dr.Divya Sivaraman
Fertility Consultant

Dr. Divya Sivaraman is a highly skilled medical professional with the procreating acumen like her mother Dr. Samundi Sankari. She is qualified and experienced in U. K and as a rich academic background to deliver latest technology in ART to give best results to our patients.

Surrogacy in India
Fertility Consultant

Doctor Sajitha is a gold medalist with treasured 10 years of experience in ART and gynaec services. She is extremely articulate and can empathise with patients with her expertise to produce best success rates, under the leadership of Dr. S. Samundi Sankari

Surrogacy in India
Mr. Preshant
Managing Director

Mr. M .S. Preshanthan is a dynamic management post graduate , with brimming ideas to reinvent and sculpt Srushti fertility centre into a No.1 service provider for all fertility treatments in India. He is also a tech savvy with enterprising concepts, working to provide world class technology to our patients.

Srushti has so far treated patients from over 55 countires and had been recognized as one of the Best IVF Clinic in India for its advanced treatment techniques.

Srushti has some of the best doctors and fine surgeons who manage both male and female infertility with latest Assisted reproductive techniques and minimally invasive surgeries which makes IVF in India a very affordable option for patients across the globe.

Surrogacy in India
CSR Activity

Srushti fertility centre, established in the year 1993, made the dreams of more than thousand women come true till date. It is not just a fertility centre but a zealous vision.…


Our high success rates have been the result of the best teamwork that comes from each one of us working independently towards one goal in unison. …

20 years of Anniversary Excellence

Thus far, Srushti has been a birth place of over 3000 healthy babies and has brought in joy and happiness into many lives, establishing trust, bonding and parenthood into the homes of many childless couples.

What patients say About Srushti Fertility Centre

  • IVF treatment in India

    I had a very bad time in my life and with my treatment until I met Dr Samundi Sankari. She was referred by my friend who had twins after 8 years of treatment. She gives you a lot of confidence which I think is very important. I would suggest Srushti has the best infertility centre in Chennai and India. Good luck for your future endeavors.

  • IVF treatment in India

    Dr Samundi is one of the best doctor I have ever seen. She takes her time to address all your queries and the staff are also very friendly. I'm so lucky to have my sweet lil boy with God's blessing and Dr's commitment to profession. She is one of the best and I strongly recommend her team.