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Well Women's Clinic

At the heart of every healthy and happy family, is a healthy woman. She nurtures and takes care of every member of the family, prioritizing them over her own health. So when something affects her, it takes a toll on the whole family.

At the Srushti Fertility Centre, we offer comprehensive preventive health checks and care to ensure that the ladies in your family remain in the pink of health. Our Well Women’s check has been designed to address all the issues that can upset a woman’s health and well being. A key component of these checks addresses her risk factors pertaining to various gynaecological ailments. We also evaluate your risk for diseases such as breast and cervical cancers, so very critical as early detection means a complete cure and return to normal life.

We recommend that all women commence annual Well Women checks within a year of becoming sexually active. Our goal is to provide you with affordable, high quality woman-centric healthcare that is delivered in a friendly and supportive environment. At Srushti, you can be sure of care that is discreet, transparent and complete.