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Tubal Recanalisation / Reversal Of Tubal Ligation

Around the world, tubal ligation is the most popular form of birth control. During the procedure, the woman’s fallopian tubes are closed or blocked to prevent pregnancy.

However, there are situations where a couple might decide to try for another child, in which case Tubal Recanalisation or Reversal of Tubal Ligation is performed. This procedure clears the passage within the tubes for the sperm and the ovum, and is usually performed through laparoscopy or laparotomy to minimise the risk of injury.

“Improved surgical techniques in microsurgery, combined with the expertise of our team, have given us excellent results in this procedure. Although microsurgical reversal completely reverses the tubal ligation, other factors such as duration of sterilisation, the technique used, and the length of the tube that remains after the reversal come in to play in deciding pregnancy rate. Despite that, we have had excellent results, with live births in over 50% of our cases.” – Mr. Preshanthan, Managing Director