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Irregular Periods

During your period, your uterus sheds its lining and prepares for a new ovulation cycle. Periods vary for woman to woman – in duration and severity. Studies tell us that atleast 30% of women have irregular periods during their child bearing years.

You could be having irregular periods if:

The time between periods starts to change

You are losing more or less blood than normal

The number of days that your period lasts varies significantly

Oligomenorrhea is the medical term for irregular or infrequent menstrual periods with intervals of more than 35 days. An irregular cycle can indicate a disorder that requires medical attention. Common causes for irregular periods include extreme exercise or dieting, stress, contraceptive medication, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and illnesses such as thyroid disorders, diabetes, STIs, fibroids, eating disorders and endometriosis.

It can also make it difficult to get pregnant, especially if you are not ovulating every month. While a couple of irregular periods a year need not necessarily be cause for concern, any more and we advise you to check with a specialist.

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