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Our hearts is filled with love and gratitude to the staff of Srushti fertility centre. We cannot express with words, we together as a family are so happy today. Thanks for the wonderful care extended to us. May God bless you all!

Kate, Jonathan & Lil Kim – Canada

We were so upset until we were introduced to Dr Samundi and her team. We had been suffering from explained infertility and after many unsuccessful attempts in IUI and IVF in Nigeria, my wife got pregnant in the 1st attempt Srushti and delivered a beautiful baby girl, Ivy. Thanks to Prof. Sankari and the Almighty for bringing us here and blessing us with a child. Our journey to Chennai would never be forgotten and will be always cherished.

Paul & Victoria- Nigeria

Dear Dr Divya and Sankari madam, I can’t forget you at all. Thank you both for delivering my baby Krishna at such an odd time at night 3.05am. You guys are so dedicated. I felt so blessed to be under you care. The entire treatment was such a beautiful experience and you made sure all your patients felt comfortable, which is something I always admired. Thank you.

Mrs.Lakshmi Parthasarathy, Chennai

“I am very satisfied of everything concerning my reproductive surgery for fibroids. Every person here were so kind with me and I want to thank everyone personally for their very good care. I will highly recommend your hospital to everybody. If in the near future I again decide to have a beautiful child, I will be happy to come back again. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.” I also want to say a big thank you to Preshant –for coordinating right from the start and taking good care of us when we are in Chennai. To all the other patients, never lose hope and be happy.

Mrs.KoKo- Lagos

“Right from our visa processing back home and the warm welcome we received at Chennai from srushti staff was exceptional. My wife and I felt we were in good hands. We never missed our home as we were taken care so well. I was little upset as our first IVF cycle failed, but we thought the Doctors did their best and we should try another attempt. We were mentally prepared to accept any results. To our surprise, my wife was pregnant 14 days after the Embryo transfer. We are still in touch with Srushti by emails for antenatal care. It’s been a good 8 months and now we can’t wait to see our little angel soon. Thanks to all of them very much! This would have never been possible without Dr Sankari and Srushti.

Vikram & Sarah- California

The friendliness and kindness shown towards us was fantastic. Dr. Divya explained everything step by step and my faith in them never shattered. Now I can’t wait to share my little one’s photo with the staffs who helped me while I was admitted at the hospital. Keep up your great service Srushti.

Mrs. Gowri Shankar, Chennai

It was not an easy option for me to take sperm donation, when my husband was diagnosed with Azoospermia. We were told Donor sperm is the only option to conceive a baby. But I wanted to carry my husband child. That’s when I contacted Srushti for a second opinion. After much conversation by mail, Dr Sankari suggested Diagnostic PESA procedure. We were very happy with the treatment plan and decided to try IVF and PESA. There were very little sperms found during the procedure. We were put on few medications and asked to repeat another time. I tried Mini-IVF and developed 4 eggs and they tried TESE to extract sperms on my husband. Three out of 4 eggs developed into Grade A embryos. On our first trial, two embryos were transferred and one was kept frozen. We did not get positive on the first cycle, but my husband supported me well and I got very good support from the Dr Samundi and Dr Divya. They gave a lot of hope for me. I still remember the date March 24th, the day I got my beta hcg report. I immediately called Dr., she said it looks like we have a positive. I never believed the result. I waited for 4 more days to repeat the test as per madam’s advice. When I retook the test, it had gone up many folds. Dr Divya said you can wait for a month and then inform your loved ones about the result. I was so excited I could not thank God and Dr Sankari, Dr Divya, Thilaga nurse, Raji Nurse, Preshant Sir. I immediately shared the result with my mom who was so worried about us. I dint believe that I could have got pregnant with the frozen embryo. It was like my mission accomplished. My husband’s eyes was filled with joy and I know happy he felt. Thank you Srushti for making us proud parents of our lil baby boy.

Mrs.Supraja - Bangalore

We were in grief. Expectations were accompanied by heartache and anguish, a journey that could never be forgotten. It could be regarded as the true cry of a mother, a childless mother. But, it is indeed true that “Sweets are the fruits of patience and effort” . We found our way through Srushti Fertility Centre. An excellent team of doctors helped us bring our petite charm into this world . Every moment in this journey was filled with anticipation and Srushti Fertility Centre guided us in an enchanting manner, in sourcing the ideal donor and apt precision in creating our little miracle. We are obliged to Srushti Fertility Centre and will always express our gratitude to their service.

Mrs.Ranjini & Mr.Anand

I am software professional and have been engaged in an IT job for the past 8 years. Never knew these radiations and heat from my gadget could steal our joys so much. After our marriage my wife was very upset that she was not able to conceive for a span of 2 years. She insisted I take her to the doctor. Since I was busy with an overseas assignment, I suggested she go ahead and meet the doctor and on returning from U.S, I will tag along with her. As we both were below 30 years it never did bother me a lot. My wife learnt about Srushti through her aunt and visited Dr.Samundi Sankari. Her diagnosis was so precise after a battery of tests and she had made it clear to her that there were no health issues with my wife. My wife disclosed the uncomfortable truth to me, I was perturbed and wanted to come home immediately, but managed to finish my assignment and came for a visit to Dr. Samundi Sankari. She explained the reasons of infertility very clearly to me. We as a couple decided to go in for IUI, and I was put under rigorous monitoring and medication. All by the grace of Almighty, our IUI was successful and we now have a beautiful baby girl called Asma. I also learnt a few good lessons for life about fertility preservation.

Mr. Thanveer & Fathima

We are expats settled in Dubai. Both my husband and I work in highly stressful jobs, so the very phase of planning on a family was too difficult. As we started to visit a few family get-togethers, our kinsmen started to give us puzzled looks for not planning on a family. Thus I consulted a family doctor and she told me to take some multivitamins. Few months later, we realized this wasn’t working so we came down to India for a thorough check up. As I was browsing, I came across www.motherababy.com and also learnt about Dr.Sam and her expertise. She started the investigation from scratch. She first corrected my tubal blocks, and then tried the IUI on me. We kept our fingers crossed and hoped for the best but unfortunately it was a negative. I thank my husband and my parents for being such a support during those times. Then came the toughest part, I had to do all the stimulation as advised by Dr.Sam in Dubai, her explanation was so good and every member from Srushti were like bricks to help us out at any time of the day with any queries. Finally, as a next phase, we came down for the final procedure and were so mentally uncertain about the result, but Dr. Samundi was so patient. Today we have a little boy, who is in first standard called Sam, whom we literally named after Dr. Sam , who is his literal god mother.

God bless you doctor, we thank you so much for giving us our little Sam.

Mrs. Rita Godwin & Mr.John Angel


Life was just perfect then . I finished my undergraduate studies in one of the most reputed universities in India , got placed in a huge IT firm , earned well and got married to a wonderful guy . He was loving and had all the qualities that a girl could ask for . We didn't want a baby for 2 years post marriage . We were living a life in paradise . As days passed by we began to feel a sense of loneliness . We then knew that it was the right time to bring the pitter patter feet into this world . I tried to conceive and the wait was a never ending process . A year passed by and nothing happened . I started to feel the mental pressure building up .

My friends and colleagues started to invite us to their little ones birthday parties and we attended them with a dispairing face . Sleepless nights and countless days passed by . Anxiousness and depression was lurking around the house . 4 months later I told my husband that it was time that we sought help . He wasn't happy with the decision in the beginning, but seeing me cry and worry everyday made him accept it . We didn't know which fertility hospital to approach . Hence I asked my close friend about this and she suggested that I go to Srushti Fertility Centre . We called the clinic to make an appointment with the doctor . We were asked to visit the clinic the same day . We reached the hospital . I was indeed happy with the outlook of the hospital and that gave me some confidence . There was a decent crowd and we were not made to wait for long . Dr. Samundi Sankari , the chief doctor of Srushti Fertiltiy Centre first listened to our story patiently and started explaining the possible factors that could've led to the failures and advised us to take the necessary scans in order to diagnose the possible issue of infertility . We did as she said and I took the tablets prescribed by her . The tablets were give to aggravate the fertility chances .

The scan results showed no signs of distress . My eggs were in good condition and my husband sperm quality was also good . The doctor then suggested that we do a cycle of IUI . We agreed and the first cycle happened . The cycle was a failure and it added to our woes . We prayed and the second cycle happened . With our hopes feeble and fingers crossed we were eagerly waiting for the result . It was a wait worth everything in this world . I was pregnant . We were overjoyed and speechless . I would never forget that moment and I was and still am grateful to Dr. Samundi Sankari . I was really satisfied with the treatment at Srushti and the hospital maintenance was also satisfactory . The staffs were really caring and there wasn't a single moment that I regretted while I was at the hospital.

Shree, Chennai

Mothering a baby is a live in dream of every woman in this world . So was mine . Right from my teenage , I've always had a sort of affection towards babies . I love babies to such an extent that once I brought home my baby nephew and refused to give him back to his family. After a huge drama and loads of advices and promises I let him go where he belonged to. This happened when I was 16 years old. Later on I realised that there was a time for everything to happen . Even then my little desire stayed alive . I didn't miss any chance to babysit and enjoyed my time with babies. I completed my bachelor's degree leaving behind wonderful moments that I enjoyed during my college days . After 2 years of work experience I got married . Needless to say , I was keen on becoming pregnant .

But that never happened . We waited till there wasn't atomorrow. I was fed up and I decided to consult a doctor . I came across Dr. Samundi Sankari's article and I decided to meet her. I had a tough time convincing my husband , and we met Dr. Samundi Sankari eventually . She made us feel very comfortable and she explained us all the possible factors that could lead to infertility . We took a few scans including anti-mullerian hormone fertility test . The result was shocking . I had cysts all over my uterus and my ovarian reserve . The doctor advised us to undergo oophrectomy surgery to remove the cysts and the eggs . That was the toughest decision that I made in my life. I then convinced myself since I believed that "Everything happens for a reason".

The surgery went on and the cysts along with my eggs were removed . Then it was time to search for an egg donor . I would say , The management did an excellent job by finding a donor who resembled me in looks , colour and character even . I was satisfied with the donor choice. The eggs were retrieved in a proper manner . Now came the second big hurdle ,IVF . I had faith on Dr. Samundi Sankari , since she is a pioneer in the IVF field and also Srishti had a success rate of 50% in IVF. 4 fertilized eggs were placed in my uterus . It was the most impatient wait of my life . After a month it was confirmed that I was pregnant with twins . I was speechless, I couldn't ask for anything more. The wait was worth everything , filled with immense satisfaction and content . Tears of joy roll down my cheeks even now. The Srushti family have been a great part of my life. They guided us through the right path and let us take joy and pride in parenting the most beautiful twin baby girls in the world.

Mrs.Latha Sekhar

My wife and I met in 2002 at a wedding ceremony, the first time I met her I knew was destined for me. I fell for her head over heels and finally managed to make friends with her through common friends, She was an introvert , but I somehow convinced to talk her. After days of conversation she never seemed to accept my proposal for marriage, when I reasoned out to her, she disclosed tome in tears of her inability to conceive due to her congenital issue to be born without a uterus. I was shattered but did not reveal my disappointment to her. I decided after several days of contemplation that this could no way stop me from taking this marriage forward. After this bold decision we got married and life was just a dream come true.

I kept her medical condition as a complete secret from my folks, later through my friend I happened to learn about the possibilities of having a child through surrogacy and was very keen. I also thought this idea would make my lady love happier than ever , by giving her an opportunity of becoming a mother . We discussed about it for days and came across an ethical doctor called Dr.Samundi Sankari, who literally gave us all the hope we craved for. She encouraged us and appreciated me so much for my bold gesture, from US we flew down to INDIA to Srushti fertility centre. They has prepared a lovely kind hearted surrogate who volunteered to share her womb with us. She was angel in disguise, Dr. Samundi Sankari kept the whole issue so confidentially from my folks and my wife had to mock a baby bump, it was very exciting to us as a couple.

But we cherished every moment. Lovingly we nurtured the surrogate for 9 long months and waited anxiously for our lil’ love which was on its way. I had to donate sperm so the lil’ love was half me and my wife for her contribution took best care of the surrogate . Dr. Samundi Sankari was god’s gift to mankind, in procreating our literal lil’ love into our lives. The day we were handed this lil’ miracle me and wife were so proud and we were parents for the first time by god’s grace.

This is not just an experience but a beauty which came to life, out of real love and respect for all women longing to be mothers in their life.

Thank you Srushti for making this true!

Claire and Stephen,US