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Repeated Miscarriages

Early pregnancy loss, or miscarriage, occurs in approximately 15-20 percent of all pregnancies. Unfortunately, the incidence increases when you are older – in fact, it can be as high as 40% when a woman reaches age 40. When two or more consecutive miscarriages occur, the condition is termed recurrent pregnancy loss.

Some of the reasons for miscarriage are:

  • Genetic factors such as chromosomal anomalies
  • Anatomical factors such as unicornuate uterus, bicornuate Uterus, Septate Uterus, etc.
  • Endocrinological disorders
  • Immunological factors and thrombophilia

What can you do if you are vulnerable to miscarriages?

A thorough investigation of both partners to determine the underlying factors causing your miscarriages is the first step. This gives our team all the information that they need to figure out a course of action, be it medication, surgery or other alternatives.

“It’s important that both partners are examined as the latest scientific research shows us that either partner can be infertile – about a 50% chance. Once the root of the problem has been addressed, courses of Assisted Reproductive treatment can give you the baby you’ve always dreamed of.” – Dr. Divya Sivaram, Clinical Director in Infertility, Obstetrics & Gynaecology