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Genetic Counselling

Genetic Counselling involves studying the medical, psychological, social and reproductive history and conditions of prospective parents and their families, to detect their odds of having a child with a genetic or congenital condition. It enables them to make informed decisions about testing and treatment.

When should you consider Genetic Counselling?
There are several reasons why you could be asked to consider genetic counselling:

  • A family history of a genetic condition
  • A history of multiple miscarriages or trouble getting pregnant
  • To screen for diseases which are more common in certain ethnic groups (such as sickle cell disease)
  • To evaluate abnormal results from routine tests during pregnancy (such as an ultrasound, CVS or amniocentesis) or if the prenatal screening indicates increased risk of birth defects and complications
  • To learn about the percentage of occurrence of conditions (such as Down’s syndrome) in the baby if mother-to-be is 35 years of age or more
  • To assess the effects of being exposed to x-rays, chemicals, illness, or prescribed drugs while pregnant
  • To analyse the underlying genetic cause for developmental delays and health related problems

You should definitely have genetic counselling if you and your spouse are first cousins or close blood relatives; or you already have a child with intellectual disabilities, an inherited disorder or a birth defect; or you are parents to an infant with a genetic disease or birth defects diagnosed during routine newborn screening.

At Srushti, our clinical geneticist Dr J. Suganya, and genetic counsellor Dr Chitra, are integral members of our care teams. They work closely with our other specialists to assess patients who could be at risk: to diagnose, educate and support patients with genetic conditions. They help families process the scientific information and counsel them on treatment options or preventative measures and the risks of recurrence, thereby enabling them to make informed decisions. Aside from investigating and interpreting genetic studies, they also educate patients and their families about birth defects and genetic conditions, answer their queries pertaining to reproductive options, and offer them emotional support through the process.

Genetic Counselling is an important step in our journey with you, to enable you to safely bring a healthy baby into the world. Our experienced specialists not only give you the information that you need to make crucial decisions regarding your treatment, but also to educate, guide and support you at every step.” - Mr. Preshanthan, Managing Director

At Srushti, we offer Online and Telephonic Consultation with our Clinical Geneticist. For more information about Genetic Counselling at Srushti Fertility Centre, please email us to sfrc@srushtihospital.com.