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Alternative Therapies

The days when women were already moms in their 20s are long past. Today, many women are choosing to delay motherhood for their education and careers. Recent statistics tell us that 15% of first time mothers are 35 years or older. On the flip side, while a woman in her early 30s has about a 15% chance of falling pregnant naturally in any month, the percentage drops to 5% for a woman in her 40s, according to the American Fertility Association.

At the Srushti Fertility Centre, we encourage our couples to explore natural means to aid conception before we look to assisted reproduction methods. We offer two treatments to improve your chances of conception: Acupuncture and Massage.



A 3000 year old practice, Acupuncture is the practice of using thin needles to stimulate specific anatomic sites to promote natural self healing and improve the body’s ...

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Fertility Massage

While you may be aware of the benefits of massage for pregnant women, you might not be aware that massage can aid you when you are trying to conceive. It’s benefits are many,...

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