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Ovarian Cysctectomy

Ovarian cysts are fluid filled growths of the ovaries and can occur across all age groups. There are three kinds of cysts: functional, neoplastic – which may or may not be cancerous, and endometriotic. While most ovarian cysts are non-cancerous, they can be a contributing factor of infertility and also bring down the quality of the eggs. An Ovarian Cystectomy is the surgical removal of ovarian cysts, while preserving the ovary.

What happens during the procedure?

Ovarian cysts are diagnosed using an ultrasound. The procedure is performed through laparoscopy (keyhole) or laparotomy (larger abdominal incision), under general anaesthesia. The latter is often recommended when there is a suspicion of cancer, as it offers the specialist a good view of the abdominal and pelvic organs. If the cysts are non cancerous, they are carefully removed, leaving the ovary intact. However, if cancer is found, one or both the ovaries may be removed.

After the Laparoscopy procedure, you would need to avoid strenuous activity for atleast a week. If you have had a laparotomy, you would need to remain in hospital for about 4 days, and can resume normal activities in a couple of weeks.

“Dr.Samundi Sankari, who pioneered microsurgical techniques for cyst removal in the most complex cases, involving scar tissue, dermoid cysts and more. Our patients benefit from her vast experience and with fertility treatment, go on to successfully have healthy babies.” – Dr. Divya Sivaraman, Medical Director.

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